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Agroenvironmental Social Scientist

About me

I am passionate about exploring the nexus between agriculture, environment, and society. My research addresses multiple factors influencing decisions shaping sustainability, resilience, and rural livelihoods.

I carry out research & consultancy for the agrienvironmental sector.

As a professional with an interdisciplinary background, I use a mixed methods approach to explore the complexities of global change related to food, agriculture, and environment decision-making.

I am available to collaborate on projects or research within my area of expertise. My interests are in the design and analysis of agroenvironmental policies, sustainable rural development, Agricultural decision-making, network analysis, environmental governance, and socio-environmental justice.

What I do

I use an applied and participatory approach, having experience designing, evaluating, and implementing public policies or government programs in institutions such as the Agricultural Ministry of Chile and Paraguay. I’ve also contributed to consultancies and projects for international cooperation organizations such as IDB, ECLAC, IICA, FAO, and GIZ across various Latin American countries.

Research Groups Affiliations

Ostrom Workshop

Center for Political Theory and Policy Analysis


Center for the Analysis of Social-Ecological Landscape

Yoder Lab

Leader: Landon Yoder. Collective action in agricultural landscapes.

Foco Rural LAB

Leader: Claus Köbrich: Investigación y extensión para el desarrollo sostenible. University of Chile.

Academic training

PhD (c)

Major: Env. Sciences; Institutional dimension of agroenvironmental change. Minor: Social Science Research Methods (SSRM)


Master in Public Policy. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, School of Government


Master of Sciences. University of Chile, Graduate School POSFAVET. Master of Sciences, minor in epidemiology, and public health.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. University of Chile, Faculty of veterinary sciences and livestock

Consulting firms affiliations


Managing director

Aguila Puquios

Research associate

Some publications

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