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What I do

I use an applied and participatory research approach, having experience designing, evaluating, and implementing public policies and government programs.


Experience designing and implementing data collection instruments such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups, among others, for various project sizes.


To understand issues of collective action, governance, and decision-making, I investigate the intricate interplay of rules, actors, and outcomes in various contexts.


I investigate the effects of relationships between people, ecosystem services, and the environment from a social-ecological network perspective, with a focus on the impact on sustainability and resilience.

Work & Project Experience

Co-PI; Inter-American Development Bank

EEUU, 2024. Speeding the Adoption of Sustainable Cattle Production Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

PI; Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations

Chile, 2024. Development of a policy-oriented definition of regenerative ranching.

Researcher; Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

Chile, 2024. Preparation of the GIAHS file “Integrated System of Camelid Livestock and High Andean Agriculture of Chile” within the framework of the GCP/CHI/041/GFF project.

Consultant; Ministry of the Environment (MMA) of Chile

Chile, 2023. Preparation of the Preliminary Project of Regional Climate Change Action Plan (PARCC) for the Tarapacá Region. Project together with Águila Puquios Consultores and Cliodinámica.

Consultant; Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

Chile, 2022-2023. Valuation of products, goods, and services from agrobiodiversity with cultural relevance. GEF Project: Installation of a Network of Sites of Important Systems of National Agricultural Heritage (SIPAN)

Researcher; Ostrom Workshop Research Series.

EEUU, 2022-2023. The role of Agricultural Knowledge Network in sustainable practice adoption: An analysis from Indigenous smallholders in northern Chile

Grantee; The Integrated Program in the Environment (IPE)

EEUU, 2022. The influence of peers and advisors in small holding farmer agricultural practices. How does the social network influence sustainability?

Consultant; National Corporation for Indigenous Development (CONADI)

Chile, 2022. Diagnosis of Productive Practices with an Agroecological Approach and its relationship with the ES from which the Aymara farmers of the Precordillera de Putre benefit.

PI & International especialist; Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations

Chile, 2022. Project: Development of a Recognition System for Good Agricultural/Tourism Practices

Project manager (PM); University of Chile, Faculty of Agronomic Sciences

Chile, 2021-2023. FIC projects (Through Vetnovo): a) Agroecological transfer with water management in the rainfed area ID:40027296-0 b) Competitiveness Wicker ID:40017951-0

Co-PI; German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Paraguay, 2019-2021. Definition of a conceptual framework and certification system for implementing a sustainable livestock public policy in Paraguay. *Project of Government of Paraguay and European Union

Consultant and facilitator; Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), OEA.

Chile, 2019. Project: Strengthening the productive, organizational, and marketing capacities of family farming.

Researcher; Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (ODEPA),

Chile, 2018. Project: Study for the Characterization of the slaughter of animals and the marketing channels of beef in the MERCOSUR countries

Consultant and facilitator; O'Higgins Regional government

Chile, 2018. Project: Study and design of a certification regulation and use of the "Cordero del Secano" brand

Co-PI & PM; Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP)

Chile, 2017-2020. Project: Consolidation of Sello Manos Campesinas and Stores “Rural World” programs.

Co-PI; Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP)

Chile, 2017-2020. Project: "Evaluation and pre-feasibility of E-commerce", as a short supply chain for products of Family Farmers

PI; Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP)

Chile, 2017-2018. Project: Business Model and Management for the “Rural World” Center of Punta Arenas

PI; Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP)

Chile, 2017-2018. Project: Market Study, Store "Rural World" for Valparaíso.

Consultant; Ford Foundation, Slowfood & INDAP.

Chile, 2015. Project: Family agriculture and short supply chains: evaluation and pre-feasibility of 3 short marketing models in Chile.

Co-PI; Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (ODEPA).

Chile, 2014. Project: Study for a certification system and quality label for Products and Services from Family Farmers.

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