Rural Products: A Glimpse into the Perceptions of Chilean Consumers

Family farming and agricultural products have long been a cornerstone of culture and economy in rural Chile. Yet, in the age of globalization and mass marketing, how do these products stand up against more readily available and elaborately packaged goods? How do Chilean consumers truly perceive family-farmed products? In 2019, we conducted a study that sheds light on this topic, with encouraging results that may interest those involved in promoting, highlighting, and valuing products produced by rural farmers.

Study Insights

Through 400 surveys conducted in the Metropolitan Region and the Los Ríos Region, the study delved into Chilean consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards these products. The findings revealed that consumers associate these goods with being artisanal, natural, safe, healthy, and culturally significant.

In addition, the study identified four different consumer profiles:

  • Engaged: Those who value and actively seek out family-farmed products.
  • Willing: Consumers open to purchasing these products but don’t necessarily seek them out.
  • Discerning: Those with specific expectations about the quality and origin of the products.
  • Reluctant: Consumers who don’t show a particular interest in family farming.

A Horizon Opportunity

A standout from the study is the generally positive perception of family-farmed products among consumers. One way to harness this value and make it more apparent to consumers is through specific labeling. Based on this study, in collaboration with INDAP and Representatives of Rural Organizations, we developed the “Sello Manos Campesinas“, as a commercial tool for the country’s small-scale agriculture. This presents a significant opportunity for marketing and promotion in the Chilean market, and we hope consumers will recognize and prefer products with these attributes.


Family farming in Chile undoubtedly holds a special place in many consumers’ hearts. As we seek strategies to move towards a more sustainable future and agriculture, it’s vital to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of family farming through our purchasing decisions. Whenever possible, choose rural products! If you found this summary intriguing and wish to delve deeper, I invite you to review the full paper for a more comprehensive insight.

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